Ze Tian Ji Glossary – up to chapter 180

Ze Tian Ji Glossary – Chapter 180

(A small glossary I made while reading this Web Novel. It may lack a lot of information, I mainly included the kind of information I thought I would come back to check.)

For all those interested in the Ze Tian Ji anime, there’s apparently someone translating it here.


Cultivation levels/realms/stages/etc.:
Purification stage->Meditation stage->Seekheart/Heartseeking/Ethereal Opening stage->Starfusing stage->Saint stage->…->Deify stage(?)


Chen Chang Shen – main character
Yu Ren – MC’s senior/elder brother
Xu Shi Ji – the Yu Dong General and Xu You Rong’s father
Xu You Rong – reincarnation of the Sky Phoenix and MC’s fiancee
Mrs Xu – Xu You Rong’s mother/a bitch
Xu Shi Ji’s father – Xu You Rong’s grandfather, prime minister and the person who might have seen Mount Tai… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Shuang Er – the personal maid of Xu You Rong
Qiu Shan Jun – reincarnation of the Heavenly Dragon and member of Longevity Sect/some toad that wants to eat swan meat
Tang Thirty Six – possibly MC’s first friend after he left Xi Ning
Mo Yu/Mo Yan – some mysterious girl who lives in the palace and is an expert in the Starfusing stage
Hua nanny – the nanny from the Yu Dong General’s mansion
Madam Ning – Mo Yu’s nanny
Divine Queen – the ruler of Zhou
Mei Li Sha – the Pope or Archbishop or bishop(quite confusing, the translation is so inconsistent…) of the Talented Church
Luo Heng(her nickname is Luo Luo an her entire name is Bai Di Luo Heng) – a seemingly not human princess and Chen Chang Sheng’s apprentice and neighbor who lives in the Herb Garden
Wang Zhi Ce – some well known guy who waited for a century before finding his Destined Star and when he lit up his star, the entire capital sensed his presence
Tong Gu Si – the scholar in the demon race who criticized the Tradition’s theory about the existence of a line between the people and their destined star
Xue Xing Chuan – Yu Tian General of Zhou, ranked second among the thirty eight Generals in the continent
Mr. Peng – some douchebag teacher from the Heavenly Academy
Zhuang Huan Yu – ranked tenth in the Honor Roll of Green Cloud/another toad…
Xuan Yuan Po – freshman from Starseeker Academy
Tian Hai Ya Er – Divine Queen’s nephew
Mao Qiu Yu – the Principal of the Heavenly Academy
Taoist Ji – Chen Chang Sheng’s master
Qi Jian – the youngest and the weakest of the Seven Rules of Heaven, member of Li Mountain Sword Sect
Gou Han Shi – the second of the Seven Rules of Heaven, he is ranked only under Qiu Shan Jun, member of Li Mountain Sword Sect
Guan Fei Bai – ranked fourth in both the Seven Rules of Heaven and on the Honor Roll of Green Cloud, member of Li Mountain Sword Sect
Chen Liu – a prince of the former royal family or something along those lines
Mo Wen Shan(Wisdom Scholar) – Mo Yu’s Grandfather, a great educationist and writer(?) of Zhou Dynasty that was put in jail without trial because he mocked a powerful figure of the royal court. He later was pulled out of the jail in a freezing day during the winter and died from freezing. Every male member of the Mo Family was killed and only his granddaughter survived.
Ping Guo – princess and only daughter of the Divine Queen
Qiu Shan Yuan Xin – the head of the Family of Qiu Shan
Xiao Song Gong – the senior elder of Mountain Li/cocky bastard
Bai Xing Ye(White Emperor) – Luo Luo’s father
Jin Yu Lu – the Official Jin in the Herb Garden and the head of the four Generals of Yao
Zhou Du Fu – he strongest elite acknowledged by the entire continent in the last ten centuries
Tian Hai Sheng Xue – the Divine Queen is his grand aunt
Fei Dian – one of the oldest and most powerful Generals of Zhou Dynasty
Tian Hai Cheng Wu – the head of the Tian Hai Family and Divine Queen’s nephew
Su Mo Yu – the one who achieved first place in the Ivy League gathering’s second round
Ye Xiao Lian – “a little slut” bullied by Tang Thirty Six
Elder Tian Ji – person from the Council of Divine Ordinance who validates the rankings on the honor rolls
Zhe Xiu – the wolf child
Liu Chong Shan – probably the first person Chen Chang Sheng has ever beaten
Liang Ban Hu – member of Li Mountain Sword Sect to whom Tang Thirty Six(Two) lost in the Grand Examination
Huo Guang – Chen Chang Sheng’s second opponent in the dueling stage of the Grand Examination, member of Cassia Mansion(?)


Items(Weapons, Armors, Utilities etc.):
Button of Thousand Miles – a magical item that could teleport a person to a far distance
Falling Rain Whip – ranked seventeenth on the Tier of Legendary Weapons
Net of Fog – ranked nineteenth in Tier of Legendary Weapons


The Book- Its a book to teach how to start xiu xing
The Tradition – the name of a fraction of priests
Classical Teachings – not sure but I guess this is the same as Traditional Academy. Inconsistencies strike again… (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Qi Xi – Chinese Valentines Day
Orthodox Academy – instead of Tradition Academy according to the new translator
Li Shan Sword Sect – instead of Li Mountain Sword Sect according to the new translator
13 Divisions of Radiant Green – instead of 13 Divisions of Green Light according to the new translator
Temple Seminary – instead of Priest Academy according to the new translator
The Orthodoxy – instead of The Tradition according to the new translator
Hundred Blossom Lane – instead of Hundred Blossom Street according to the new translator
Proclamation of the Azure Clouds – instead of Honor Roll of the Green Clouds according to the new translator
Ivy League gathering – instead of Ivy Festival according to the new translator
Nan Xi Institute – instead of Nan Xi Temple according to the new translator
Grand Examination – instead of The Great Trial according to the new translator
Seven Laws – instead of The Seven Rulings according to the new translator
Divine Empress – instead of Divine Queen according to the new translator
Divine General of the Eastern Decree – seems to be used instead of Yu Dong General(?)
Star Taker Academy – instead of Star Seeker Academy according to the new translator
Scholartree Manor – instead of Cassia Mansion according to the new translator

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